ASLComp Steel and Blood

ASLComp Steel and Blood
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    It's been almost 8 long years, almost twice as long as World War II lasted - since Counter Attacks 2 hit the streets. And that means it is LOOONG overdue for an update. Our cartography has come a long way since then and these scenariios, set on the Eastern Front, deserve new terrain. The originals use boards going back to Purple Box SL days, circa 1976.


    To the above end, a new set of 6 maps bring things up to date, with new terrain analysis challanges. Plus 10 scenarios featuring Hungarian, Romanian and Russian combatants - and THIS WEEKEND (29 January 2021) ONLY - we're putting this up here for over half off PLUS providing the following FREE bonus items: a sheet of 88  Hungarian and Russian AFVs PLUS a sheet of 176 Eastern Front 1044 Russian and German AFVs from the recent printing -- this weekend only.