GENESIS III: Arab Israeli Wars 1948-67

GENESIS III: Arab Israeli Wars 1948-67
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    You know you are reaching a certain creative vintage when referring to past efforts seems to continually come in increments of "20 years". So be it. The year was 1997 when a creative master-work was created by 'Bob O' and become "Genesis 48". When first put to paper by Bob, it had the usual "use the Russians as Egyptians" and all that, common for the time.

    When the work was updated with new rules and such, it still hoved-to the use of AH 8" × 22" geomorphic boards. Nothing wrong with that, although the challenge of mating new boards to old boards that came in multiple generations of hard-backs (their old 'edge' over SPI, remember those days?!?), then non hard-backed boards of, again, multiple generations. When some a doyenne squeaked up about the edges of these boards hexes and an inability to mate (pun intended), well, that was the start of a quest to create all new, all our own, maps and boards and not seek to 'mate' with anyone that didn't need no mating.

    In the ensuing years, the time was well nigh to update the counter collection, enlarge it, bring it to layout, and nomenclature standards all the new NAT Sets already meet ... and create ALL NEW 11" × 16" boards, uniquely targeted to the subject matter. And thus create a module that is a form of NAT Set, that can then be expanded with new maps (again, that do not seek to mate nor attempt a mating dance with any old boards) and scenarios.


    >> 4 new sheets of color, die cut counters
    >> 6 new 11 × 16" geo boards
    >> Color Special Rules and Chapter H Notes
    >> Color folio
    >> Color Play Aid Card - like the one in HUE!
    >> A collection of 12 scenarios with new OOBs that play on the new geo boards

    Ownership of the ASLRB, and British/French/Russian nationalities required.

    We didn't feel it needed any advance buzz - and it's been percolating .. and is now at a boil and offered for the first time - and ships in 2-3 weeks.