ASLComp EURO 6: The Walking Dead

ASLComp EURO 6: The Walking Dead
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    EURO 1-2-3-4-5-6 are here, and the last 2 sets bring some of the best of American talent to the mix – we won’t say “corset-laced” Afrikakorps landsers with Pavia Dvision soldiers as that would be the wrong implication: more like Airborne + Rangers ‘drop in’ for a visit to your gaming table. To that end, Peter Mudge, Tom Kearney, Steve Swann, Scott Holst, and Dave Lamb join the fray with Irregular warfare and Eastern Front designs.

    Each sete comes with 8 or more scenarios and requires the ASLRB plus American, German, Russian, British and other of the usual Nationalities to play plus standard geo boards from board 1 on.