CH Annual 5

CH Annual 5
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    This is CH Annual 5 - includes 3 counter sheets, 6 boards and lots of ACTION!

    Descriptive text from the CH Friday Emailer:

    The publisher reports a pleasant surprise - but a surprise nonetheless: GENESIS III and MAGACH '73 blew past all expectations! What that means is the fascination, in-house, for the subject of Post WW2 warfare is .. shared. It's a clash between East and West - with proxies wielding the weapons, manning the tanks, and piloting the aircraft. And as we dig deeper into the subject matter it is clear that both sides could deliver FIREPOWER on battlefields that ranged across a wide swath of the Middle East.

    What is also evident is that the subject matter cried out for an expanded treatment.

    It cries out no more.

    The audience in hand for the material is enough to warrant a new CH Annual 5 - that speaks to taking the material even further. The first place for it is to bundle a Suez Crisis/Sinai '56 module INSIDE. With new counters, maps, scenario and rules - the works. I am also pleased to announce that we have noted scholar on the subject Abe Edelheit back in the HQ tent with the material in hand - and you know there's more historical information to be mined accordingly - looking back to 1948, and forward to the modern warfare that was birthed in the battles between the IDF, Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Not to mention the PLO, Iraqis and Arab Legion.

    When exploring the material in question it quickly becomes patently OBVIOUS that the air arms of the IDF-AF, EAF (Egyptian Air Force) and other Arab air arms ... deserves its own DUTCH AIRCRAFT treatment. What's more, that exploration HAS TO include DUTCH HELICOPTERS. Just take the "Dutch" out of the "aircraft" and you get the idea. And you will get a collection of new FB and DB ... and HELO aircraft types, plus new weaponry they deployed on the battlefields. Or 'above' the battlefields that is. There's the publisher's copy of "Shield of David: An Illustrated History of the Israeli Air Force". It's Appendix alone is practically one stop shopping for IDF-AF stats.

    There is another need, one that is not spoken about in terms of the battles recreated by ASLers on a regular basis. We'll refer to it as "sixism". That term refers to the 'standard 6' of each AFV that is found in the official and extant counter sets for Nationalities. And the explanation for why a 'tank battalion' is usually represented by .. six or less AFV counters. Yes, agreed, right there with you - piece density = playability so no worries. Every man here can agree that six is good.

    But six isn't going to give you the sweep, the grand sweep across the battlefield of an infantry light, tank heavy battle across the Sinai. We aim to break out of the rusty cage that SIXISM is .. in CH Annual 5. And that means MORE tanks, and meaty scenarios that star MORE TANKS. Tanks you've never wielded in battle as an ASLer, in quantities - PLUS maps for their use. Just check and make sure you know ownership of GENESIS III and MAGACH '73 is a must to use CH Annual 5.

    Special VANGUARD pricing at the site now. Don't hunker at the bottom of your slit trench and suffer the effects of chronic Sixism. Get out in front.