AP Style Geo Collection 1

AP Style Geo Collection 1
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    HERE COMES THE AP-style 11" × 16" geo board collection, a compilation of recent AP boards in one place! Did we hear you say, 'it's about time!' Ok, we thought we did. Did we hear you say, 'I want alll the latest, greatest AP-style folding boards ALL in one collection and with that cool folder y'all store them in? Yes, and yes. So we have for you, the ASLer with a bent for innovation, experimentation, and just loving the study of terrain THAT GETS FOUGHT OVER BY YOUR SQUADS AND LEADERS > a collection of 12 of the AP-style boards from the last year in updated editions.

    They all mate along all 4 edges -- except river boards, which mate with other river boards. Wait, before you get any ideas, these boards do not reproduce with one another (think: Tribbles), no,so there is no fear that a batch of a dozen will, like Guppies, overrun your fish tank and cause all kinds of mayhem! The only mayhem in store for you takes place when you break out your ASLer guy tanks, guns and men (please note: all references to 'guns' are in reference to cardboard guns, as in anti-tank guns, 88mm barn door AT weapons, and other such ordnance, but in all cases .... harmless). An attractive folder is provided to store all your new terrain, ahem, AP-style 11" × 16" boards in and YOU CAN COUNT ON MORE COLLECTIONS of AP-style geo boards right around the corner to build the largest board collection, IN PRINT, HARD COPY FOLDING BOARDS, in the history of the system.