ASLComp Sealed Fate

ASLComp Sealed Fate
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    Tomaszow Lubelski, Poland, 18 September 1939: in an attempt to break out of the German ring, Army Krakow laid in the forces for a major attack. The Warsaw Mechanized Brigade was to lead. A strong infantry group containing the bulk of the cavalry units attacked from the Northwest, while Rifle infantry units joined by 22 7TP, a few Vickers and some tankettes attacked from the Southwest. The German adopted an hedgehog position from the town of Tomaszow Lubelski to the nearby village of Rogozno (at the West of town). Although the attack on the morning of 18 September was partially successful against the 4th Light Division, tanks of the 2nd Panzer Division intervened and halted the attack in that sector. The Polish tanks and their accompanying infantry had entered the town and occupied almost half of it when the pressure from 2nd PzDiv forced them to withdraw towards the woods. The attacks were repeated through 19 and 20 September. All motor vehicles were drained of fuel and destroyed in order to collect enough fuel for the tanks of the Warsaw Mechanized Brigade, which were to launch the attack. These were the largest tank to tank encounters of the Polish Campaign.

    This is SEALED FATE: Poland 1939, the first module made just to showcase Polish nationality units ... and then some What that means is you get a full sheet of 280 Polish MMC/SMC/SW in color, die-cut counters, authentic 1939 uniforms. You also receive all the AFV/Gun/Aircraft counters needed to play for the set of 8 scenarios included ... plus EXTRAS ... in the form of color, die-cut Polish AFVs for use with other scenarios and DYO. And yes, you receive some never before provided Polish AFVs, absent from the system until now. Also included are color, 3-hole punched rules and Chapter H style notes, and all scenarios in color format.

    ALL GEO BOARDS USED IN SEALED FATE ARE PROVIDED > no old boards needed nor used! All new means all fresh and all interesting ... and each new geo board is an interesting terrain challenge to solve. A pile of new boards, fresh, evocative terrain for you, the tactical-level commander to pore over, analyze LOS's ... and command ... as well as conquer. New counters, scenarios, and terrain ... all set in the first 1939-specific module. Most of the scenarios are by designer extraordinaire Pedro Ramis, the designer of Stonne 1940, Facing the Blitz, and one of the playtesters for Doomed Battalions™.


    • >> All the Geo Boards needed to play!
    • >> A collectionof 8 scenarios in color format
    • >> Color die-cut counters -- POLISH MMC/SMC/SW/Guns/AFVs/Vehicles
    • >> Color 3-hole rules
    • >> Color cardstock folder style wrap