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    This is MAGACH 73, a promise kept as you have been waiting for expansions for GENESIS owners for far too long. Not as long as 2000 years, for sure. And we share your pain – since the only chance to run some of the most ferocious, free-wheeling tank battles in the kind of sandboxes that Tommy Atkins and Erwin Rommel once tested machines … and men in – would have to entail much less detailed games and systems. Or just being regaled by written accounts.

    No more. T54 vs. Centurions with 20 pounders? Magach! Upgraded Sh’ot tanks (Centurion 5’s, L7 105mm main armament …. SAGGERS … T55’s – Pattons of various stripes. And a terrain study in the form of brand new 11” × 16” maps .. MAGACH, MAGACH and MAGACH.

    This is designed for owners of GENESIS II or III, preferably III but you can run these with the earlier version too (meaning G II). But you need to own one, plus the usual standard ASLer modules with British, Russians, the ASLRB, the common gear you already own.

    And then we’ll enter a realm of the UNCOMMON. A place where Egyptian leaders ride on their steeds into battle … in the form of APCs that have not seen the light of day until NOW. New FBs, tanks, updated rules and it all fits into our ongoing study, unprecedented for this system. Come join us.

    Includes 6 new boards, rules, color folio and two new counter sheets providing 368 color, die-cut counters to add to our GENESIS Arab-Israeli War collection.