CH Annual 1

CH Annual 1
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    Welcome to the inaugral CH ANNUAL. Yes, it is finally here and is aimed to be a retro experience, follow the CH approach of being all-inclusive, welcoming designers from all parts ... and then some .. not ony a clique, claque, or anything along those lines. These designs are by YOUR ASLer gaming brothers, albeit the ones with a creative bent to share! We go all out in this first issue and present a varied mix of content, including a full-blown historical module with counters and map -- not to mention writing by THOSE THAT WERE THERE -- 'in theater' and hands-on developing a ground-breaking combat platform.

    Mike Klautky brings us "The Wolf and the Bear Trilogy" a set of scenarios and designer's notes from his special HQ ... aka his houseboat hideaway. Ok, a hint— being a Klautky design you KNOW the focus is on inrtense Eastern Front action .. and in this case you are right on, spot on in fact as the scene is Oboyan, the year is 1943 .... and the month is July. Need we say more? All scenarios in color format! Ok, we can say more .... Mike's article on "ASL® and Dating" is also included in the issue. Who knew you could do both? Mike proves the two are not mutually exclusive—and has a beautiful family—to go along with his expert skills as an ASLer.

    Dave Lamb and company bring you a tasty batch of ALL NEW scenarios with a cool mix of late Eastern Front and Market Garden flair ... plus a French vs. Italian action in 1940, very unique. Here is a list of the places and dates for this brand new scenario set, included in the CH Annual and in color formatL


    • >> A printed magazine dedicated to ASLComp gaming
    • >> Color Map
    • >> Color die-cut counters to play the included module. PLEASE ALLOW 4-8 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS WE CRAFT YOUR COPY FOR YOU PERSONALLY.