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    SUOMUSSALMI, FINLAND, 14 December 1939: Following an easy crossing into Finland the 163rd Ukranian Division was stopped at Suomussalmi. The unit lay immobile, stretched out for miles along the narrow road lading into the little village. Out in the countryside, beyond their pickets, the Finnish 27th Regiment, commanded by Colonel Hjalmar Siilasvuo, was tasked to surround and cut off the enemy, in the process breaking the road-bound columns up into smaller encirclements known as mottis. To accomplish the mission, the Finns carved out a parallel ice road and used it to array the attacking units. On December 12th the first road-cutting assault came, cutting through surprised enemy troops just east of Suomussalmi. Russians in the village were cut off from the rest of the division, while others piled toward outlying buildings. On the 13th the Finns made their first attack on Suomussalmi proper, but were repelled after discovering the ruins of the burnt-out village had been dug into by defending enemy troops.With his first probe stopped in its tracks, Siilasvuo reorganized under the cover of darkness for another attempt to seize the village. His troops had been on the move for days and lacked heavy weapons and supporting artillery. Worse, when fighting for his life Ivan was already beginning to reveal his toughness as a soldiery. Dug in Russian soldiers, with supporting armor nearby, clung to the ruins, numerous machine-gun posts ready for the next enemy onslaught. By afternoon on the 14th the Finns were stymied and had to settle for tightening the ring around the village. By December 18th direct assaults on the village of Suomussalmi were called off altogether. The village would not fall to direct action and Siilasvuo had to settle for hunger, and ‘General Winter’, fighting this war on the side of Finland to do their work on the cut-off Ukranians.

    BETRAYED BY GENERAL WINTER uses the counters in Beyond Valor and the Geo Boards provided in WINTER GEO sets 1-2-3! What's more, the module includes 8 scenarios in the popular new color format AND another, way cool (er, brrrrrr cold) WINTER GEO BOARD. As a token of our love of the genre, and the 'retro-ness' of it all, a FREE gift in the form of a collector's item > 8" × 5" original-style Finland at War counters are added at no charge!