NW Europe Counter Collection '45 German Naval/British '45

NW Europe Counter Collection '45 German Naval/British '45
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    This is the GERMAN NAVAL 45 INF and KHAKI LATE WAR BRITISH MMC ASLCOMP COUNTER COLLECTION. You get ONE each of the 3 sheets shown for play of the ASLComp ACROSS THE ALLER 1 and 2 or any of your standard WW 2 modules from CH.


    • > Three sheets of counters, providing the Naval Infantry and British combat counters you need to play the modules - use your standard Waffen SS or bring the new CH editions. Includes "?" counters. A total of 739 color, die-cut counters in Feldgrau, new GERMAN NAVAL INFANTRY BLUE, AND KHAKI FOR THE BRITISH.
    • Includes an Updated Aller Special Rules document in color, 3-hole format.
    • > Attractive custom foilo and baggie for storage.