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    The originator is still the original and now is even more ORIGINAL with some new twists. What's that you say, Desert Fox? We have a limited number of ÜBER ADVANCED TOBRUK sets ready to go NOW. And anyone that owns ANY edition of Advanced Tobruk  can use this set - you'll bring your AFVs, rules and markers -- and then get into the SAND using the LARGEST EVER - as in ÜBER ALLES edition - a map stretching almost 7 feet in length + 9 sheets of ÜBER TERRAIN + Collector's Item frameable wrap PLUS a set of the Original TOBRUK Scenarios 1-9.

    That's 21 desert maps, used all or in part based on the scenario. That's terrain in the massive Über hex size that makes the AFVs and soldiers look like they belong there. Here's the TWIST - we're throwing in 3 sheets of color die-cut ATS OVR counters - all the Italian, Afrikakorps, and British Tommies you need - along with their Light and Medium Weapons AND the scenarios bring you all the way back to the original TOBRUk with beefed up infantry TO&E.

    It is a unique experience that the system's founding elements deserve - and includes these three counter sheets, a $60.00 value -- FREE while the page is up - and supplies last. What's more, new versions of the EXPANSIONS in ÜBER FORMAT are available NOW!