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    What started it all is NEW again and then some! ADVANCED TOBRUK, nominated for 'Board Wargame of the Year' is getting its first makeover in over a DOZEN YEARS and things are heating up in the desert ... the war is breathing again outside of Agedabia ... and breathing new life into Erwin Rommel's quest vs. the Desert Rats. Expansions will bring battles ranging from Beda Fomm to El Alamein!

    ALL new counters with camo galore to go with desert sand! New maps with the LARGEST HEXES IN THE HISTORY OF THE SYSTEM in a completely scalable game set that can be expanded literally into infiinity. New overlays to go along with the set, new color AFV Cards, wrecks on the back of all vehicles, all in 3/4" size, all scenarios re-done for the new materials and in COLOR > plus new play aids in desert themed colors, folding > ready for ACTION!

    Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 and standard system markers is required to play.

    This is a VERY LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION ATS MODULE that you can get, here, by ordering as long as this page is up. Each copy contains:

    • >> 7 sheets of color die-cut counters, all NEW in Olive Drab, new leaders, and more!
    • >> A Full set of scenarios depicting the Battle of Gazala > new takes on the core scenarios 1-8 with the new boards and overlays!!
    • Play Aids and AFV Cards in COLOR.
    • Color folio with charts on inside, a first!
    • A complete complement of expansions, Gamers Guides coming, just for the new generation!