ACS UPGRADE SET: Tanks, Aircraft and More

ACS UPGRADE SET: Tanks, Aircraft and More
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    Will you win a Silver Star? Or Iron Cross? Of fail utterly, running off to the nearest foxhole screaming? We don't know but one way to find out is via ACS.

    Welcome to ACS UPGRADE SET 1TM, the long-awaited expansion of our new Area Movement & Combat system. With these materials you will have the opportunity to lead... or try and defeat .. the soldiers of the opposing side as they are commanded to move, halt or fire in an easy to play and fun simulation. 

    ACS UPGRADE SET 1 contains everything you will need to play the upcoming series of inexpensive modules that pit German and American forces on the Western Front of 1944. You receive counter sheet ACS AFV/ATG Counter Sheet 1, consisting of 88 color, die-cut 5/8” AFV, heavy weapons and aircraft counters. You also receive an updated, complete set of ACS rules to use them with AND a new system Play Aid Card.

    Order now and you also receive a FREE copy of ACS Counter Sheet 1, providing infantry and light weapons to equip you to march forward. Ever forward with ACS!

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