ACS Module 1: Pointe du Hoc

ACS Module 1: Pointe du Hoc
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    Welcome to the long-awaited launch of the AREA COMBAT SYSTEM (ACS). The aim of the publishing effort, starting now, is to bring you ALL of D-Day in a playable, fast-moving format that works with historical Allied and German maps. This ACS module simulates the landing of the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Point du Hoc on D-Day, 6 June 1944. Players take the sides of the German 726th Infantry Regiment or elite U.S. Army Rangers of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Following an unprecedented invasion by landing and cliff-scaling in the face of enemy fire, the battle devolved into the quintessential hedgerow battle in Normandy’s bocage. The Rangers were literally ‘backs to the sea’, cut off from friendly forces until a relief column reached them from Omaha Beach on 8 June 1944. The German defenders pushed James Rudder and his men to the point of annihilation.

    The game depicts the hedgerow fighting that followed the D-Day landing of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. It is meant to be a fast playing board game that recreates the close-in and deadly nature of the battle.

    You get a brand new LARGE Area Combat System map of the battlefield, System Rules in 3 hole format, 88 color die-cut counters, scenario/play aid cards, color folio - and the chance to start a new system journey that will take you to all the beaches and battlefields of D-Day ... and BEYOND!

    *** LABOR DAY INTRO PRICE SHOWN good for oerders 1-4 September 2023 only -- ALSO INCLUDES FREE ACS UPGRADE SET**