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    West of AMFREVILLE, 9 June 1944: On the night of the 6th June, George V. Millett, Colonel of the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, had come down in a grain field about a thousand yards south of the DZ. He gathered a small force and struck east for Amfreville. But the opposition proved too strong, and although his band of men continued to grow, they remained holed-up out of harm’s way in the countryside to the north west of the small town. Weapons and supplies (including a generous ration of Hennessey cognac) were obtained from a German truck column. This kept the isolated force in good spirits until day three, when word came via radio from Division that they were to attempt a breakout, to link up with Timmes on the far side of Amfreville. Millett’s men moved out in the small hours of 9th June. Moving in a single column under cover of darkness, Millett’s force became split up as one man lost contact in the gloom with those ahead and took a wrong turn. Come daylight, the back part of the column, with Millett himself, fell into a German ambush and the survivors were captured. The rest of the column edged around the north side of Amfreville, putting up a vigorous fight as they skirted the Gray Castle. Ultimately, of four hundred men who had set out from the stronghold, a total of 149 men, 6 officers, and 26 prisoners joined the lines of the 505th PIR at Neuville-au-Plain.

    Almost 20 years ago CH launched the independent publishing movement with its first ALL AMERICAN historical module by Ian Daglish (dec.)—and now things have come full circle. The original inspiration for the series was the number and variety of actions fought over a small piece of French countryside. You are offered a wide variety of infantry actions, and can now fight them out while enjoying color format scenario cards, a SASL play aid card, and more!

    THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ASLRB, and any modules providing the Germans and Americans, plus standard system marker counters is required to play this historical module.