About Us

CRITICAL HIT, INC. specializes in recreating tactical-level battlefields for the historical board wargaming market. In addition a to another new battlefield recreation in the form of DIEN BIEN PHU, new Stalingrad and Normandy offerings are about to ship. Our online catalog consists of 275+ unique offerings, in addition to numerous free downloads. Use the links on this page to enter our 'stockroom' and begin exploring.

It's been 20 years since Critical Hit, Inc. was founded and we're still going strong ... thanks to YOU. It was high time to prune the catalog, reduce confusion when you interact with our website, and we're aiming to do just that with this new package.

Founded in 1994, Critical Hit coined the phrase "Enthusiast Media" to describe the firm's approach to bringing together the publisher and the hobbyist/designer in a unique method of cooperation that strips away everything but a mutual effort to bring labors of love to the fore. This approach has proven successful in the form of many tactical-level wargames in print, and many more currently being prepared for publication.

We currently serve 5,000+ individual customers and 20+ wholesale and other dealers and our ongoing focus is taking their gaming interests to new historical battlefields with a more extensive collection of military maps than any other firm. Critical Hit, Inc. is the publisher of the largest tactical-level/squad level simulations in wargame history with its BERLIN and OMAHA product offerings. Not content at that, both of these titles are slated for upcoming add-ons, expanding the OMAHA BEACH presentation beyond TEN FEET IN LENGTH and BERLIN to a massive FOUR 24" x 36" mapsheets in all.

If you're looking for 2,500+ of your fellow hobbyists and what is widely recognized in wargame circles as the friendliest and most informative message board on the internet you can sign up for the CH Message Board. It's a free service provided by Critical Hit and has attracted over 50,000+ posts to date and counting.

Players of Beyond Valor(tm) and beyond will find an extensive collection of VARIANT products published in our ASLComp line. These include everything from full-blown Historical Modules to scenario packs and the longest running magazine in the hobby.