ASLComp The Fight for Hue

ASLComp The Fight for Hue
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    HUE, SOUTH VIETNAM, 31 JANUARY 1968: In the early morning hours of January 31, 1968, a division-sized force of PAVN and Vietcong soldiers launched a coordinated attack on the city of Hu?. Their strategic objective was to "liberate" the entire city to help sweep the Communist insurgents into power. At 02:33, a signal flare lit up the night sky, and two battalions from the PAVN 6th Regiment attacked the western bank of the fortress-like Citadel on the northern side of the city. Their objective was to capture the Mang Ca Garrison (ARVN 1st Division headquarters in the Citadel), the Tây L?c Airfield, and the Imperial Palace. The PAVN 4th Regiment launched a simultaneous attack on the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) compound in the new city on the south side of the river.

    For a system where once upon a time the lonely cried into the night that it was 'only' for WW2, a great deal of feedback has come our way with one word: HUE. Fans of the seminal flick, "Full Metal Jacket"? Perhaps. Two would be designers took a crack at it, but despite their best, honest efforts, it was too overwhelming. Not to worry, Ray commissioned a map, put the pros on it, and we ARE PUTTING YOU INTO THE HELL OF THE TET OFFENSIVE at Hue. All combat counters needed to play, and that's 736 color, die-cut evocative counters -- and a 2nd Generation Vietnam War presentation since CH already broke this ground with LZ X-Ray. It's all there, you need to be there. Get there.

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN AND YOUR COPY IS BEING CREATED AS A SPECIAL ORDER JUST FOR YOU. To that end please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery or when the module is completed > your payment locks in your copy. You have the assurance of 22 years of publishing and our thanks for supporting the creativity of your fellow hobbyists!