Spanish Civil War 2015 Module 2

Spanish Civil War 2015 Module 2
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    SPANISH CIVIL WAR 2 finishes the presentation, and tells the story of the Spanish Civil War, the ‘dry-run’ to World War II with an all-new presenation of fresh maps to complement the final edition of this large and colorful module.

    In a continent on the brink of world war Spain was divided against itself in a bloody conflict that pitted communists, monarchists, anarchists, fascists, socialists and democrats in a battle between men of every loyalty known in the mid-twentieth century. This intense conflict of 1937-39 brought into play the relationship between Franco and Hitler, Stalin’s involvement in the form of Russian weaponry, and Mussolini’s deployment of Italian troops. In a set-piece never again seen in the twentieth century, the heroics of those who rallied to the side of democracy were lit by the backdrop of the bloodshed at Guernica.

    A set of 8 MORE scenarios, PLUS 2 additional BONUS scenarios, are provided—bringing the final collection to 20 Spanish Civil War scenarios. You also get another set of the 2 full counter sheets, including all newly named SMC’s. The scenarios are in color format, and you’ll need the special rules and play aids from SCW1.

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.