ATS Roman Glory: Italy on the Eastern Front

ATS Roman Glory: Italy on the Eastern Front
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    NIKITOVKA, RUSSIA, 7 November 1941: The first attack by the 74th Division was repelled in a furious battle, in which the Russians lost an entire battalion and a dozen tanks. Working all night, the Pasubio soldiers set up strong defensive positions in the conquered town. Under cover of darkness, recon teams were sent to identify the main Soviet attack route. A massive troop concentration, the size of at least two Battalions, made it clear that the main thrust would come from the east. Yet the possibility of flanking attacks from other directions could not be discarded. Between the Colonna Chiaramonti and the following Italian forces there was nothing but no mans land. The encirclement of Nikitovka was only a matter of hours. Exactly at 0600 hours, with admirable punctuality, an artillery barrage announced the incoming attack. The Russians first wave was made up of shock troops with substantial armor support, smashing like an iron fist into the entrenched Italians. Personally led by Colonel Epifanio Chiaramonti, the soldiers of 79th and 80th Roma Battalions stood their ground, recklessly defending and counterattacking. The battle soon turned into a chaos of bayonets, grenades and point blank shooting. By now, despite desperate efforts, the Italian lines began to weaken. The Russians, with perfect timing, decided it was time to hit one of the exposed flanks. Now virtually encircled, the Italians reacted with unexpected violence. It was clear that losing this battle would mean the annihilation of the Colonna Chiaramonti.

    ROMAN GLORY II is another new edition with the emphasis on NEW. And that means a new WINTERIZED map, using the new terrain art that has been received positively in our latest releases—evocative of the season of Ground Snow .... brrrrrr! You can nail your ROMAN GLORY down with a set of FREE CSIR Italian Personnel and special vehicles needed to play all of the scenarios in the set for immediate shipment.

    What's more, the module includes ALL THE COMBAT COUNTERS NEEDED TO PLAY.