Red Christmas II

Red Christmas II
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    NOVO ORLOVKA, RUSSIA, 22 December 1941: By mid December the Italians were well aware of the looming Russian offensive. From the gates of Moscow, Soviet attacks rolled north and south and sooner or later the CSIR would be involved. Aerial recon and sustained patrol activity identified a strong enemy troop concentration consisting of four Russian infantry divisions (74th, 296th, 136th and 265th), and two cavalry divisions (35th, 68th), supported by independent tank units, engineers and artillery formations. The Russians aimed this offensive in the CSIR sector at the junction between the Italian Expeditionary Corps and the German XLIX Alpine Corps. The 3rd Regiment of the 3rd Celere Division (Principe Amedeo D’Aosta), the 63rd Black Shirt Legion (Tagliamento) and, on the far left, elements of the Torino Division held the sector. The Italians, sensing their time was fast approaching, sent out recon patrols almost every night. A recon patrol was called a Pattuglione, and some sought to identify the attack routes and to disrupt the enemy units assembling for the incoming offensive. On a pitch-black night, December 22, a Pattuglione from the LXXIX Battalion of 63rd Black Shirt Legion infiltrated forward enemy lines to destroy an artillery battery. Low, dense clouds and the noticeable raised temperature, clear signs of an incoming storm, helped the Pattuglione to reach its objective safe and undetected. Yet the Black Shirts knew that once the fireworks started, coming back would not be so easy.

    RED CHRISTMAS II is as new as it gets ... for an updated edition! You receive a collection of Eastern Front Italian MMC/SMC and vehicles/Guns ... everything you need to play the scenarios included. You also receive new versions of the two maps used, Orlovka Ivanovka (that's one villag) and Novo Orlovka (again, one place). The maps are small, easy to dive right into and the format of the scenarios is fast-playing and replayable—and the new edition are WINTERIZED ... making them the most realistic places to fight these battles from military esoterica ... all over again ... but even more fiercely (and with lower rolls!).


    • > A set of 6 scenarios set on the historical map
    • > Color cover
    • > Hard panel enlarged enhanced 2nd Edition map that is WINTERIZED
    • > BONUS counter sheet
    • > Color Special Rules in 3-hole format