Hell's Bridgehead 3rd Ed. with old style 140 counters

Hell's Bridgehead 3rd Ed. with old style 140 counters
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    Welcome to KURSK—HELL’S BRIDGEHEAD 3TM 10th Anniversary Edition, the latest rendition of the first module in our exploration into the Battle of Kursk and Eastern Front warfare at the tactical-level. Other Eastern Front titles available include TIGERS TO THE FRONTTM and the two-module ASLComp BERLINTM series.as well as KURSK—DEVIL'S DOMAINTM which depicts the fighting around Ponyri Station in a two-map presentation.

    This pack consists of eight scenarios, all playable on the Psel River historical map. A second edition version of this map is available separately at www.Criticalhit.com. It is a new, upgraded version of the original featuring the full ASLComp terrain and color presentation (compatible with color blindness). The new map is physically larger, more colorful, and adds a label for the small village of Krasny Oktabyr, south of the Psel River. The open terrain that dominates this map is unique in that it provides for long-range tank duels between Eastern Front AFVs circa 1943.

    All scenarios included in this edition are updated with new ‘tweaks’, all known errata input. The OLD STYLE black counters, 140 MMC and SMC in all, are included. No folio is included.