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    Following Bulgaria’s entry into the war on the side of the Central Powers on October 14th, 1915, the death knell for Serbia and Romania began to sound. "The Bulgarian Summer" of 1915 saw the Entente attempt to win the hearts and support of Bulgaria. It was all for naught, as the country entered the war aligned with Germany and her allies. And mobilization soon began, followed by a declaration of war against Serbia. Around this time the Germans and Austro-Hungarians had penetrated into Serbia on a front that was 140 kilometers in length and 15 kilometers in depth. In order to close the 90-kilometer gap between the flanks of the German 11th Army and the Bulgarian 1st Army Mackensen ordered the latter to invade the valley of the river Morava and take Niš and Aleksinac. In accordance with this order the Bulgarians attacked along the entire front of their 1st Army, quickly driving out the Serbian units and taking control of the border area. Following this easy success however the speed of the advance was much reduced due to the bad weather, which turned roads into mud, and a dense fog that sometimes limited visibility to 50 meters. In addition the stiffening Serbian resistance and the mountainous character of the area caused the flanks of the 1st Army to halt before the fortresses of Pirot and Zajecar. The exploits of the Bulgarian 2nd Army in Macedonia convinced the Serbians that the danger of complete encirclement is high and forced them to begin withdrawing their forces to Kosovo while offering stiff but not desperate resistance to Army Group Mackensen. In November, while the decisive Serbian defeat unfolded, the French attempted to exert pressure on the Bulgarian 2nd Army but were soon forced to halt their attempts to drive north.

    Ownership ASLRB, GWASL 1 and all preceding GWASL modules required to play.


    •  >> 4 New Geo Boards. 
    • >> A collection of 8 scenarios in color format
    • >> Color die-cut counters -- 280 ½" + 88 5/8" + buy 3 or more of GWASL 7-16 and get a BONUS 176 × 5/8" Great War Emplacements and More sheet per 3 modules purchased (max 3 bonus sheets per customer) - - THE BULGARIANS
    • >> Color 3-hole rules
    • >> Color cardstock folder style wrap. SHIPS UPON COMPLETION