Gembloux: Without Thought of Retreat

Gembloux: Without Thought of Retreat
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    Can it really be that in 20 years we’ve never, ever brought you designer Tim Robinson’s OPUS, Gemboux – in a color, updated version USING HIS ORIGINAL BOARDS, i.e., his classic? It can be, because it is. The © date is 1997, so that’s pretty straightforward. Since it’ a theme this Friday Emailer, we’re bringing you the ORIGINAL Gembloux – all errata input but otherwise Tim’s baby, boards like 4, 19, 43, 42, your old friends really. The scenario art is the new military art we’ve had created, plus color touches you like, all new evocative historical image-art. From the emedals site, about the medal on the cover of the new Gembloux: “The medal was created on April 7, 1956 by the Council of the town of Gembloux on the recommendation of the Franco-Belgian Committee entrusted with commemorating the fierce fighting in the region in May 1940 against the invading German army. The Panzers under von Kluge were stopped with great bravery at Gembloux, largely by Moroccan forces with the loss of 2,250 men. Their sacrifice and courage is commemorated to this day in regular events at the war cemetery at Chastre near Gembloux. In the end, the turning of the allied flank by Guderian in the Ardennes led to German victory in June 1940. The medal was awarded to veterans of the 1st French Army involved, principally to the Moroccan Division and the 15th Infantry Division.”

    And we’re doing it at the 1997 price, which got you black paper versions back then – not that it stopped Mr. Robinson’s set from being a successful addition to the line!