Götterdammerung 2014

Götterdammerung 2014
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    BERLIN 1945—CITY UNDER SIEGE: At left is the operational map of Berlin; units entering city hexes move immediately to action on the tactical urban map—from whence they do not exit until the city falls or Festung Berlin lives on.

    The detail of the street-level 'Siege' map is incredible, with clearly marked landmarks familiar to every student of the Battle of Berlin.
    Gotterdammerung is really two games in one: an operational level game of the entire front and a tactical-level simulation of the block-by-block fight that led to the very steps of the Fuhrerbunker.
    The counters are designed to be functional and easy-to-read and depict all the German Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Volksturm, Luftwaffe and Kampfgruppe formations as well as Soviet and American units.


    • > 420 color die-cut counters depicting the military formations that saw action in the battle
    • > 22 x 34 operational level historical map of the battlefield from the Elbe to the Oder
    • > Inset Berlin STREET LEVEL tactical map detailing the entire defense network of the city in 1945
    • > Full SIze COLOR PLAY AID
    • > 16-page rulebook with hisorical notes and designer's commentary
    • > Storage bag