GIGANTE Squad Leaders

GIGANTE Squad Leaders
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    1. German Mid War MMC/SMC
    2. Fallschirmjaeger MMC/SMC
    3. German Early War MMC/SMC
    4. WSS MMC/SMC\
    5. US Para MMC/SMC
    6. US Mid War MMC/SMC

    It consists of 2 sheets of 176 counters each - containing Leaders for the above GIG Nationalities. If you ordered one of the above already, you will be provided this product at no charge, with your next parcel from Critical Hit., Inc.

    The company that has more MONSTER and ÜBER maps in print than any other (hands down) brings you the largest, most readable, middle-age gamer friendly and flat out coolest ASLComp counters yet. You’ve heard of our NAT Set collection, a massive library of combatants from the good guys to the bad guys and everyone in between. Colorful and in a wide variety, that collection follows the trajectory of what ASLers are used to: ½” MMC/SMC/SW and 5/8” AFV/Vehicles/Guns.

    The old style counters have been great for makers of magnifying glasses, and then some. Perhaps even makers of Botox®, to address all those wrinkles created by hours of squinting. And we have nothing against black-blobs, outlines from the 1980’s and salute the guys bringing those back print. They must be chasing a younger audience, as the type on those is about 4 pt. For unit ID’s, and not much larger for the other data.

    That brings us to the GIGANTE collection. 

    Each ASLComp GIGANTE NATIONALITY SET consists of the following:

    352 5/8” MMC/SMC Personnel counters – for Personnel sets
    352 5/8” SW counters – for SW sets
    216 ¾” AFV/Vehicle/Gun counters + 52 ½” TCA counters for AFV sets
    352 5/8” marker counters – for small marker sets
    216 ¾” Emplacement/Level/Etc. marker counters + 52 ½” marker counters – for larger marker sets

    Ships upon completion. Expected 3rd Q 2021, in current counter print run.