ATS EVO USMC/Japanese Counter Bundle 1

ATS EVO USMC/Japanese Counter Bundle 1
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    What you see is what you get - for use with ATS Rifleman 11 and upcoming Pacific Theater sets.

    A new ATS EVO counter bundle is in hand for you - 5 sheets (3 × 8.5" × 11" + 2 × 5" × 8") that includes BRAND NEW EVO Japanese Personnel and BRAND NEW EVO USMC printings, plus USMC AFVs, PTO large markers, Japanese Ordnance, and FOW counters for both Japanese and USMC.

    This is a one stop shopping bundle to get you into ATS RIFLEMAN 11: PELELIU and will be used for upcoming Pacific Theater scenario and maps sets - right around the corner. This weekend ONLY, the counter bundle will be at a special price. We humbly suggest you hit the beach and get ready for a new ATS EVO experience with this gear.