CH Annual 4

CH Annual 4
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    Our Korean War module dates back to August 20, 1997 (as per the postmark on the parcel sitting on my desk as I type this) and that's a long wait in the file cabinet. The wait is over ... and the module is coming as the core material in the new CH Annual 4! The module's scenarios include:

    >> High ground near Osan, 27 September 1950:

    >> Chonui, 10 July 1954: The North Koreans continued to sweep aside American roadblocks, leading with tanks or flanking with infantry. Three M24's of the 78th Tank Battalion supporting the 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry positions at Choniu attempted to delay NKPA armor. 'Rebel's Roost' would be the first UN tank to engage enemy forces in Korea...

    >> Obong-Ni Ridge, 17 August 1950: The 8th Army had issued an operational directive to the 24th Infantry Division on the 15th of August: with the assistance of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, unleash a massive counter-attack to seize Obong-Ni Ridge...

    >> Near Taegu, 21-22 August 1950: After several days of action along the Taegu front, the 20th was relatively quiet. Despite the presence of fluttering white flags and rumors of NKPA soldiers seeking to surrender, U.S. Army patrols found evidence of an impending offensive...

    >> North of Sinnyong, 4 September 1950: In late August the eastern edge of the Pusan Perimeter was held by ROK units, the 6th Division straddling the Yongchon-Andong highway and parallel railway line that threaded through the mountains. Arrayed against them was a bevy of NKPA units, supported by 85 tanks...

    >> Inchon Line, six miles inland, 17 September 1950: At 0630 hours on the 15th, the 3/5 Marines landed on Wolmi-Do beach and at 0646 three LCU's (Landing Craft Utility boats) disgorged the first tanks of Company 'A', 1st Marine Tank Battalion....

    >> Near Kumch'on, 23 September 1950: The 24th Infantry Division had jumped off, driving up the Taejon-Seoul highway with three regiments in echelon. The plan was to rotate a fresh regiment into the vanguard at intervals, with the 21st Infantry in the lead. The North Koreans, with dug-in remnants of the 10th Armored Division, camouflaged and behind minefields ... we laying in wait... it would be a 'Kursk in miniature'...

    >> and so much more! The module's scenarios (12 in all) are all set during the 1950 actions and ALL THE COMBAT COUNTERS NEEDED TO PLAY are included with the issue! And that means new ROK, armor - including never before presented for the M37 Howitzer Motor Carriage, M19 40mm AA Gun Motor Carriage, M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage, 4 new 11" × 16" geo boards -- a total of 736 new, color die-cut counters. The issue also includes new World War II scenarios, in-action photos, articles, Incoming letters and the more. Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


    >> One complete all color CH Annual magazine.

    >> 3 FULL sheets of color die-cut counters to use with the materials presented.

    >> 4 New Korean War maps

    >> Scenarios in color format within