CH Annual 6

CH Annual 6
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    Vietnam was a small unit action war. That is settled. CH has explored this confilict at HUE at the tactical-level unlike any other. That is also settled. What is in play is the need for jungle, ruice paddies, ambushes, steep banked creeks ... the Viet Cong.

    The module's scenarios are all set during the Vietnam War and include new armor - including never before presented Aussies in Vietnam - with Centurions, MMC, SW and SMC.

    This is triple dog dare VANGUARD offer time. Price and scenario bonus is ... tick .. tock ... almost gone already.


    >> One complete all color CH Annual magazine.

    >> 4 FULL sheets of color die-cut counters to use with the materials presented

    >> 6 New Vietnam War 12.25" × 18.25" LARGE geo boards

    >> SPECIAL OFFER: Order the weekend of 1-03-2020 to 1-06-202 and get a FREE BONUS: color scenarios printed on their own cards included with the issue. Ships upon completion; updated: 4th Q 2020.