ATS Make the Rubble Bounce: Stalingrad 8

ATS Make the Rubble Bounce: Stalingrad 8
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    Moving on. The BIG BAD BEND YOUR KNEES parcels coming your way just got bigger. Calling for more bending. Here's why. Some years back we ran the GEO BOARD CONTEST and rounded up some great cartography, plenty of which has been shared with the Battalion. At the time, the submission set also included STALINGRAD BOARDS - when somebody else was going into the rubble and all that. So these cool maps sat in the file cabinet, every now and then they'd rattle the drawer, some murmuring (as maps do murmur) would emanate, thusly.

    They wanted out.

    As they are the creation of one of your fellow hobbyists, the time came to set them free. But why do so as facsimiles of old Board 1, from that excellent John Hill creation, SL? Since the boards came our way we've opened up so many MORE variations on the mil-sim cartography presentation. To that end, the old 8" × 22" geo board metaphor has been shattered - and the result is MORE "MAKE THE RUBBLE BOUNCE: STALINGRAD” (MTRB:S) sets - each with 6 scenarios and a 4-foot long board that brings the action to a DELUXE style hex.

    HERE’S THE DEAL FOR THE WEEKEND OF August 24, 2019 -  NO WIGGLE - NAIL ASLComp Rubble 6, 7, and 8 - and get 624 FREE color die cut counters - fresh from the press  - a creamy new take on Feldgrau, plus Classic Russian Brown Inf, “?” in both ½” and 5/8”, AFVs and Vehicles. Nail ATS Rubble 6, 7, and 8 and get 590 FREE counters, fresh Russian Personnel, German Personnel, AFVs  for both Russians and Germans AND the newest Classic ATS Small Markers - you will NEED all this gear for the larger scenarios coming in Rubble 6-7-8.