ATS Panther Line Legacy Edition

ATS Panther Line Legacy Edition
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    ATS PANTHER LINE LEGACY EDITION - this is the original module with paper map, ZIPLOC VERSION.

    Panther Line—Army Group North 1944 is a detailed new ATS system game that tells the story of Army Group North during the Soviet summer offensive of 1944. Events on the Eastern Front had turned against Germany. During February 1944 Hitler ordered the retreat of Army Group North to positions known as the ‘Panther Line’, a series of fortified strong-points. By the time the 1944 Soviet summer offensive was unleashed, heavy Panzer battalions were used as fire brigades to plug the inevitable gaps. At the Sujewo Heights, the sector of the German 121st Infantry Division, a gaping two kilometer hole was created, and the Soviet advance rolled on toward the Pleskau -Ostroff road. A catastrophic breakthrough loomed, one that could result in complete collapse. The Schwere Panzer Abteilung 502, equipped with 21 PzKfw VI “Tiger tanks, was rushed to the area to close the breach. The fate of Army Group North hung in the balance.

    This module consists of TEN scenarios, all playable on the historical map. You also receive 3 sheets of counters providing all the combat counters needed to play.