ATS Leningrad 1: Brandenburger Bridgehead

ATS Leningrad 1: Brandenburger Bridgehead
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    If you've enjoyed our PONYRI and HÜRTGEN series - both using a 2-module, two large, linking map approach - then you won't be surprised to see LENINGRAD: July 1941 come at you using that presentation. And there's good reason: each of the two modules is the size of a large module.

    The time is summer, 1941. Operation Barbarossa is in full swing, and action on the northern front brings the German 6th Panzer Division on the scene in a headlong rush for Leningrad ... the prize of Armeegruppe Nord. And YOU the tac-sim gamer are about to put over a dozen Pzkw 35(t) AFVs into the field at once ... and face down a determined Ivan ... armed with the Crème de la Crème of early Red Army armor: T-26/T-37/BT-5 tanks.

    And lots of them.

    See, you are about to experience the largest tank battle in tac-sim gaming history. Nothing less. Ok, we admit that these are not Panthers. Nor Tigers. And the Russian player will command units like the 2nd Proletariat Division. Not exactly a 'crack' unit. But that's a big part of the fun. Early campaign Eastern Front, along the Luga River. Evocative and unique terrain.

    This is a monster game and includes 6 sheets of color die-cut counters, special rules and 90+ hours of scenarios set on the historical map provided. Large historical map. Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014, small and large markers is required. Uses "classic" ATS Personnel counters. Provides all the combat counters you need to play.