ATS EVO Basic Game: '44 Jungle or Bust

ATS EVO Basic Game: '44 Jungle or Bust
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    The next EVO BG is here and it is set in the JUNGLES of the Pacific during 1944. It does NOT use any previous maps, so you know. It is an infantry battle, and provides LARGER Orders of Battle for both Japanese and USMC combatants - a pitched battle between men, machine-guns, mortars and satchel charges, all set in the dripping JUNGLE hell.

    DURING THE WEEKEND OF 2 July - 4 July 2021 ONLY - THESPECIAL PRICE SHOWN AND - To reward your support last weekend for EVO Hedgerows, we are providing ALL the combat counters you need to play  PLUS all the rules and play aids - just bring your EVO dice, standard ATS markers and a thirst for leading your men into battle. That's a set of the ATS -- EVO SPECIFIC -- Marine Corps (Late) and Japanese sheets, 176 counters each.