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    Of the three British routes for the march into Arnhem from the drop zones, only the 2nd Battalion’s ‘Lion Route’ by the Rhine were the British able to actually reach the bridge. The Germans obviously understood 3rd Battalion’s intentions along the Utrechtseweg, so Lt. Col. Fitch detached Major Lewis’ “C” Company and sent it along a side road in a flanking attempt. The instructions to the lead platoon commander, Lt. Wright, were simply “That’s the bloody way. Get moving!”

    Following the railway as the evening light failed, “C” Company made amazing progress while taking out an armoured car, dodging other enemies and losing only one man. The company finally neared the bridge from the north in total darkness. Major Lewis went forward to report to Brigade Headquarters as the company closed on the perimeter. Unfortunately, a reserve from Kampfgruppe Knaust was forming up nearby. A short-range firefight broke out, forcing the paras to fight their way forward. Large numbers of the inexperienced Germans were cut down. On the British side, several men were killed and wounded as they maneuvered through the gardens. As the German command established order, they were able to cut off and capture most of two platoons. Thus, of the “C” Company men who had so nearly reached their objective, only some 45 managed to slip into the perimeter.

    Recreate it all here with the BYOC historical module, "One Bridge ... Too Far 2018". You receive everything you need to play, just bring your own existing versions of the following counter sheets or BETTER YET, nail the VERY LATEST NEW PRINTINGS of the following sheets, required to play this module:

    1 × ATS German VEH and H WPNS 2018_1a
    1 × ATS German Infantry and L Weapons 2018_1
    1 × British 44 Personnel, L Weapons and Leaders 2018_1
    1 × ATS British AFVs and H Weapons 2018_1
    1 × ATS Mixed Batch AFVs and H Wpns NW17

    With this module you receive:

    1 × Historical battlefield map of the city of Arnhem, along the famous bridge
    1 × ATS Battlefield Walkaround in color, 3-hole format for your binder - a system specialty
    10 × Historical scenarios in color-touched format, each good for 10+ hours of re-playable play
    1 × color folio
    1 × AFV Card Set providing ALL the AFV Cards used in the scenarios