ASLComp Volga 1 GUTTED!

ASLComp Volga 1 GUTTED!
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    A few Friday Emailers back we pointed up all the new material covering the Battle of Stalingrad since the publication of RD some 30+ years ago, and our own renditions of Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works, with scenarios dating back 25 years. One of the interesting things made very evident, is the shifting nature of the hell that was the city on the Volga. We broke some new ground with the Winterwrecked map, but in looking over the chronological aerials, prominently used in the Joly narrative - it is obvious that Staingrad goes from being an industrial city ... to VERDUN.

    Additionally, more situations begging to become scenarios .... now get to be .. scenarios. Mated to a new GUTTED! map of Volga 1 with the most damaged rendition of the city ever. You will not only find 6 brand new scenarios included, but can choose to play all the previous ones on the horrific battlefield that is the shellhole pockmarked, gutted buildings map Includes a new copy of the Volga Special Rules on their own card for both systems.