ASLComp Cambrai 2: Black Friday Fontaine

ASLComp Cambrai 2: Black Friday Fontaine
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    This is GWASL CAMBRAI 2 - Fontaine.

    Our first (the first) Great War historical module was a great success and we're sending our APOLOGIES to fantastic designer Rob - he of the Gold/Sword/Juno series - for holding off on CAMBRAI for so long. We're going to make it up to him and YOU by front-burnering his 3-module CAMBRAI SERIES. Without trying to toot a horn too much - nor blow a bugle - we'll just state the facts, maam - from Rob's map note email:

    Printed trench networks, rattling tanks of the earliest vintage ... Highlanders ... Stosstruppen ... this is a limited collection and print run.

    This is a GWASL Module and includes an additional 1½ sheets of color die-cut counters, special rules and 85+ hours of scenarios set on the historical map provided. Large historical map. Ownership of the ASLRB, plus GWASL 1 and CAMBRAI 1  required. Ships upon completion, this is a special order product.