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    Years ago Tank sent over his take on the Monte Altuzzo battlefield in the form of a giant blueprint. We’re talking almost a quarter century ago, framing the time period. The place was the Gothic Line, circa September 1944. As most know, we’ve done some work to painstakingly model the ‘forgotten front’, the Italian Theater that was literally a small-unit battle by design – the terrain was just too challenging to deploy large forces in sweeping maneuvers.

    The blueprint approach was superseded by a new map effort by our own Minster of Cartography and the end result for the module takes these two, and additional terrain analysis, to allow you to enter the “Three Battles” green book – noting that we’ve already brought you to Schmidt (in the book). But not Arnaville. Yet. Places like Hill 926, and the various ‘knobs’ (please do not snicker, British friends) at Monte Altuzzo may not have gone down in history with names like Omaha and Arnhem. But they were hard-earned, and meticulously recorded for posterity by our own U.S Army historical folks. They did a fine job, and we honor their work by creating a module that faithfully recreates the place it all happened, and puts you into, below, and on top of the nooks and crannies of this challenging battle environment.

    The Germans held the place with a combination of crack paratroopers … and Lithuanian soldiers, as well as StuGs. And of course, copious supporting artillery and mortars. There will be plenty of ‘arty shoots’ by both sides, so best get ready to hunker down and take things one yard at a time. One knob at a time.

    Includes at a brand new historical map, at least 8 new scenarios, at least 736 color die-cut counters and a color folio. Modules providing German and American Nationalities and the ASLRB are required to play. May substitute NAT Sets providing Germans and Americans instead of modules containing those Nationalities. This order represents the production of a custom made item and your order represents a contract for purchase and may not be canceled and ships upon completion. International orders will be notified of final postage prior to shipment.

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