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    During the geo board contest we had a collection of variant boards - replacing standard geo 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-.... and so on, created. They were well supported as part of the Sweet 16 cycle. All good, and some learning curve to boot.

    The follow on is a new program, the first 6 in your hands for CHristmas '18 -- and taking all those dusty old geos off your desk. We did not GIVE UP on the 8" × 22" geomorphic board  in standard 'Panzer/Squad Leader hex size'. Instead, we're molding it into a new play experience that can be used all the way back to your earliest SL days ... to today.

    As we tinkered (we tinker around here, have you heard?) it became clear that the puny 8" × 22" board metaphor could be fit perfectly into a rebirth of what ASLers would think of as 'deluxe' ... and 1/285th minis players would think of as 'right sized' ... and SL players would consider 'a complete collection of boards through those released for the SL series'.

    When you used to crack open a new title, you'd get 4 boards, making up a map. Now, with the QUAD DELUXE Board Set series ... you'll get that big ole hex shown in '3' in the top graphic. And the dimensions, in comparison, shown in '7', also in the topper. The presentation also includes a more 'earthy' set of colors, a specific orchard art, more photo-realistic, smoothed out edge buildings, and a ground paint that says, 'painted'. Each set comes with 16 boards that make 4 geos, each geo is 18" × 48". The first 6 sets bring you boards 1 through 24.

    Each QUAD DELUXE geo replaces its so-named geomorphic board, so d1 replaces 1, and so on. The idea is to provide a new board with the same type of terrain ... freshening play while also making things 'just right' size wise. They really look great.

    Here's what the first 6 sets provide (each board is the equivalent terrain, can be swapped in easily, to the matching # board):

    QD Board Set 1 = geo boards 1-2-3-4

    QD Board Set 2 = geo boards 5-6-7-8

    QD Board Set 3 = geo boards 9-10-11-12

    QD Board Set 4 = geo boards 13-14-15-16

    QD Board Set 5 = geo boards 17-18-19-20

    QD Board Set 6 = geo boards 21-22-23-24