ASLComp Personal Leaders 2014 Batch 2

ASLComp Personal Leaders 2014 Batch 2
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    The 1st Q 2014 Personal Leader sheet went to press on May 2, 2014. This is for the 2nd Q 2014 sheet.

    Take advantage of the excting new leader art we've created over the last couple of years by customizing YOUR gaming experience in the most 'personal' way possible. The leader sheet is first come, first served and when it fills we pull down this ordering page and go to print. Postage applies.

    Russian 1943 soldier in winter camo? Check! Israeli Kibbutz Immigrant? Check! Finnish ski soldier? Check! Spanish Civil War Republican Commissar? Check! Japanese Tank Hunter? Check!

    You simply use the notes section of your order form to specify the leader you want (or email to Raymond@criticalhit dot com -- put a period where the word dot is). Please specify "officer" or "NCO" to differentiate between the poses we use for the ranks; you can specify ANY RANK -- just use "officer" or "NCO" for the pose: Officer = 10-3 to 9-1; NCO the rest. Otherwise, Hero, Tank Hunting Hero, etc. Choose ANY SMC from our releases at the website.

    For this run of leaders it is immediate bill, no cancel. This way you lock in your leader(s) and are guaranteed to be on the sheet. You will receive a sheet of 140 leaders, including yours.

    When you list the leader you want, also advise the RANK, all using the memo section of your order. If we have any questions we'll be in touch.

    We will use YOUR SURNAME unless you specify another name in the memo section. You can now be "Seargant Rock" ... "John Rambo", or .... you name it! Literally. If you do not specify nationality or rank, we will choose them for you and yuse your surname.

    ***NOTE: If you do not specify a specific rank and/or nationality it is assumed that CH will create a leader using your surname and the rank and nationality of our choice.***